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Prepare Your Home for Back to School Season

Holy moly where did the summer time go? Just like you, we can’t believe it’s time to gather the backpacks and go buy all those school supplies, clothes and more. Before you send them back on the buses it’s essential to start them off organized from day one. Here are a few ways to keep everyone on their toes ready in the morning for the school bell season.

1. Baskets

Start teaching the little one’s good organization habits by utilizing labeled baskets in their closet! Use a bigger basket on their closet floor to store shoes. They’ll be able to pick them out everyday and find them easily instead of covering the floor.

Another option to make efficient use of baskets for their closet is color coding the baskets! Use them to sort their toys, Lincoln logs, and more in one color and all their books or small clothing items in another color.

2. Valet Rods

Closet accessories are a must when it comes to getting ready with ease. Make use of a closet valet rod in everyone's closet to prepare outfits for school the night before. This makes it easier & accessible to kids the next morning to get dressed quickly and quietly.

3. Color Coded Hangers

If two siblings share a closet space a good way to keep it organized is to separate each child’s wardrobe by two different colored hangers. It also makes it easier for you to keep it in order and help teach them how to put their own clothing away daily.

4. Pantry Snack-tacular kid area

It seems like the first thing kids want to do when they get home from school is to have a snack. Designate an area in your pantry for kid friendly snacks that won't spoil their supper stomachs. A lower shelf or drawer filled with fruit snacks, trail mix, or veggie chips will give them what they need.

For breakfast foods, keep all the cold cereal, granola bars, & coffee in one place, on a reachable leveled shelf. This makes an ideal location for all the kids, and coffee connoisseurs in your household. Making use of clear airtight containers gives everyone easy sight and easy access to what they’re looking to find.

5. Mudroom Must Haves

We all have an area right inside our main entrance doorways where the shoes gather in piles and the coats, bags, hats are all haphazardly thrown about. A great way to tackle this is by making a set aside mudroom space for only coats & backpacks. Having a space just for the last items to grab on the way out the door and the first to drop off on the way in avoids potential stress of the little people forgetting their most important things at home.

You Dream it, We Build it!

Are you looking to solve some storage space problems in your home? Call to set up a consultation with a Closet Craft designer today for free! We'll visit your home, measure and assess your space and discuss ideas you've been envisioning. Then we come up with a design layout made just for you. There's no commitment to our services but we have a good feeling you're going to just love what you see in the end.

Pantry image by @nicoleloit @neatmethod

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